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Tuned GSX1100SZ from TamiyaRight, I'm getting so many emails etc, that it's stopping me from other things like updating the site, work, eating etc etc!!! So in a bid to try and lighten the load, I have made a few changes. (Also stops spammers getting my address hopefully).

First, please try and look round the site for the answer and make sure its relevant to my site i.e. on the older Target Design Katana's, not the later GSX600/750/1100F ( I even got an email from a guy requesting info on Katana swords! )

If you still need technical help / advice on Katana's then please use the WebBoard page. This way we can all help out each other.
If you want to tell me how wonderful my site is and don't mind other people knowing then try the Guestbook.

Finally if you want to contact me directly, us the form below. You can even attach a picture of your pride and joy, so that I can start to get a readers gallery together. Please try and sent only JPG (preferred), BMP or TIF. Also write something about your bike (uprated bits, what works, a great trip you had on it) to make the item a little more interesting.

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